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KG capital K.K. Offering selective investment opportunities by innovation
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Basic Business Policies

KG Capitals's Basic Business Policy is "Offering selective investment opportunities by innovation".

Commitment to Prime area

It is considered that properties whose land value constitutes the majority of the overall land value have a lower risk of being affected by changes in economic or social conditions in the long term. Through this perspective, we aim to increase the property values by acquisition at a fair prices and applying the most appropriate management to each property.
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Investment Vision

Our mission is to maximize the essential value of properties from clients' perspectives by applying a timely and customized approach, as all properties in the world are not only unique but able to be appreciated. We make the different characteristics of each property it clear and easy to understand.

Investment asset class

We mainly invest in properties located in and around Ginza and 3A (Aoyama, Azabu, Akasaka) areas. This is because we are committed to our philosophy of investing in prime areas. We firmly believe that our foundation lies in our dedication to reliable land values, which have proven to not only hold steady but increase over time, regardless of changing economic and social conditions.
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About us
Company Name KG Capital K.K.
Address Shiroyama TrustTower 30F,4-3-1,Minato-kuToranomon,Tokyo
Founded May 1, 2014
TEL +81.3.6403.4164
CEO Kanako Fujiwara
Business lineup Investment advisory business and services related to above
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